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So, just what is “the Online Access Pass” and why do I have to pay to use it?

The online access pass simply put is a research tool that gives you access to many records, which are all individually available from various external sources, in one place.

The cost of the pass goes towards the time it takes to research and gather the material that is available in the public domain to enable you to view it in one location. New information is being added all the time.

The money raised through the purchase of the online pass also helps us build and care for the collections, support exhibitions and deliver innovative learning, outreach and research programmes.

The most important sources from which this website has been compiled are the histories of the Regiments. But no historian would claim that their work was faultless and many facts, names and dates have had to be checked in numerous publications.

To that end, the online access pass has been designed to help you with your research, by gathering information together from letters, documents, unit war diaries etc to help you find and search for the right records.

We do hope you find using the online access pass a useful resource. However, if you do need any further assistance with your research you may find the following information useful.

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What’s in a name?

As you explore our website you may be wondering why the spelling of our antecedent regiments throughout the website can sometimes be different, but refer to the same regiment. For example; 3H or 3rd Hussars.

The information throughout the website comes from many sources, that have been written using both the language and the style of the day.

As the purpose of our website is to “pull together” this information in one place to make your research easier these occurrences will inevitably happen.

To help you understand these differences we have put together a list showing not only the last official title of the antecedent regiment but those abbreviations and phrases that it is often referred to throughout the website.

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