A13 Cruiser


The first of the cruiser tanks to use the Christie suspension, the A13 incorporated a powerful Nuffield Liberty engine which gave it good performance.

It was made by Norris Commercial Cars Ltd and its design was suited for mass production techniques.

The A13 saw service in France with 1st Armoured Division and more extensively in North Africa where its speed was a great asset.

Later production A13s (classified Cruiser Mk1V) had an up-armoured turret.

On its introduction in 1939, it was adequately armed but the 2 pdr gun was soon outclassed and the tank could not be up-gunned.

It was removed from service by late 1941.

Technical Specifications

Armament:1 x 2 pounder
1 x Vickers .303 Machine-gun
Engine:Nuffield Liberty developing 340 bhp
Max Speed:30mph
Year into service:1939

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