Challenger 2


The current main battle tank of the British Army, the Challenger 2, although similar to its predecessor in looks, incorporates new turret systems giving a high probability of a first-round hit even while firing on the move and the ability for the commander to acquire fresh targets even as the gunner is engaging.

The hull is very similar to that of Challenger 1 and uses the same CV12 engine with some improvements, including the addition of a crew temperature control system and smoke generators.

The rifled 120 mm gun has been retained and had now been in service (albeit updated) for some 40 years.

Technical Specifications

Armament:1 x 120mm
1 x 7.62mm Chain-gun
1 x 7.62mm Machine-gun
Engine:Perkins CV12 developing 1200 bhp
Max Speed:40mph
Year into service:1996

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