Churchill Crocodile


The Churchill Crocodile was a modified Churchill Mk VII tank with the hull machine gun removed and a flame projector fitted in its place.

The fuel and nitrogen propellant was stored in a towed trailer with a quick-release coupling which allowed it to be jettisoned in an emergency, allowing the tank to continue functioning in its conventional role.

The trailer had a capacity of 400 gallons (1818 litres) and the flame could be projected up to 109 meters, depending on wind direction and strength.

The psychological effect of the flame weapon was remarkable.

For example, a troop of Crocodiles on loan to the US Army effectively brought about the surrender of Brest following a brief demonstration.

The problem with the Crocodile was the difficulty of handling a tank and trailer combination.

The challenge to the driver was to keep the trailer shielded from enemy fire.

The Churchill was a reliable tank that had very good manoeuvrability.

It remained in service throughout the war and into the 1960s with other countries.

Technical Specifications

Armament:1 x 75mm
1 x BESA Machine-gun
1 x Petroleum Department flame projector
Engine:Bedford 12 cyl developing 350 bhp
Year into service:1943

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