The Comet was the last of the ‘Cruiser’ series and was one of the best British wartime designs produced.

It was armed with a 77mm gun which was in effect a ‘detuned’ 17 pdr.

It was based on the Cromwell hull with a larger turret and more armour and first saw action in March 1945 in Germany.

It became the principal British tank until the Centurion came into service in the 1950s and remained in service with the 7th Hussars as late as 1956.

The Comet was probably the only British tank which could outmatch the German Tiger.

Technical Specifications

Armament:1 x 17pdr
2 x 7.62 Machine-guns
Engine:Rolls Royce Meteor developing 600 bhp
Max Speed:32mph
Year into service:1945

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