The Cromwell was introduced in 1943.

It was popular with its crews having an impressive turn of speed with a reliable engine in its later Mks coupled with high manoeuvrability, though it suffered from a lack of firepower when pitted against the larger German tanks.

It was fielded in 2 versions: a standard version with a 75 mm main armament and a close support variant mounting a 95 mm howitzer (see image).

The 75 mm gun could accept American ammunition which made resupply simpler.

Cromwells were employed by the reconnaissance regiments of all British armoured divisions in NW Europe and throughout by the 7th Armoured Division.

It was used by the 8th Hussars on their drive through Europe to Hamburg and in Korea by Recce Troop (Cooper Force).

Technical Specifications

Armament:Either 1 x 75mm or 1 x 95mm
2 x 7.62mm Machine-guns
Engine:Rolls Royce Meteor developing 600 bhp
Max Speed:38mph
Year into service:1943

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