M3 General Grant


The first M3 tanks were delivered in early 1942, in time for the Gazala battle in May of that year.

Its 75mm gun was mounted in the hull a limited traverse, which meant that the tank could not adopt a hull-down position, but it at least gave the British crews parity with German tanks at last.

Significantly it gave crews the ability to fire High Explosive shells and so take on Rommel’s anti-tank guns, as well as armour-piercing rounds.

Tanks ordered by Britain were fitted with a modified turret capable of housing the radio (hull fitted on US versions).

However, the US model (General Lee) also served with some British regiments.

Technical Specifications

Armament:1 x 75mm
1 x 37mm
1 x .30 Browning Machine-gun
Engine:Wright Radial R975 developing 340 bhp
Max Speed:26mph
Year into service:1942

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