M4 Sherman


The M4 Sherman was produced in greater numbers than any other Allied wartime tank except the Russian T34 (the first 2 Shermans made bore British service serial numbers T25189 and T25190).

It could still be found in service many years after the war with many countries.

Originally called the T6 the Sherman was unveiled in 1941 and the first production models rolled off the assembly lines in 1942.

The tank mounted a 75mm gun in the turret with a .30 Browning mounted in the hull.

The 75 mm was found to be no match for the heavier German tanks in the later war year, so the main armament was replaced in some British tanks with a 17 pdr and called the ‘Firefly’ for use in the Tank Destroyer role.

Notwithstanding its shortcomings, the Sherman was significantly more reliable than the British tanks produced at that time.

Technical Specifications

Armament:1 x 75mm
2 x .30 Browning Machine-guns
Engine:Ordnance 9cyl RD-1820 developing 487 bhp
Max Speed:25mph
Year into service:1942

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