Designed just after WW2 the Saracen was rushed into service for use in anti-guerrilla operations in Malaya.

The Saracen had a crew of 2 (commander and driver) and had bench seats in the rear for 10 passengers.

The vehicle mounted a 7.62 mm machine gun in a small turret.

QOH used Saracen during the Aden conflict where they served in the Armoured Reconnaissance role.

Saracen went on to see many years of service in Northern Ireland before being withdrawn from service in the early 1990s.

Technical Specifications

Crew:2 (+10 passengers)
Armament:1 x 7.62mm Machine-gun
Engine:Rolls Royce 8 cyl developing 160bhp
Max Speed:45mph
Year into service:1953

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