M4 Sherman DD


Another variant of the M4 Sherman, the Duplex Drive or DD variant had 2 propellers at the rear and a large skirt that could be raised before the vehicle swam and lowered as it hit the beach to enable the crew to fight the vehicle.

Used for the first time on D-Day by British Canadian and American forces, the DD proved effective, but only in moderate seas.

For example, 13th/18th Hussars at the eastern end of the invasion beaches swam in successfully from about 10,000 yards while 2 American battalions further west lost the majority of their tanks in choppy water.

They were used in the amphibious role again in the operation to cross the Rhine and also in Italy by the 7th Hussars.

Technical Specifications

Armament:1 x 75mm
2 x .30 Browning Machine-guns
Engine:Ordnance 9 cyl RD-1820 developing 487 bhp
Max Speed:25mph
Year into service:1943

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