Roll of Honour – 7th Hussars

Roll of Honour – 7th Hussars

To honour the memory of all those 7th Hussars who have died in the service of their country since 1939.

‘These intolerably nameless names’, as Siegfried Sassoon referred to them, should never be forgotten or ignored, and yet they cascade so relentlessly that they are often difficult to grapple with; within a very short space of time we are inclined to switch off; we soon start to lose our awareness of individual names as we become overwhelmed by the sheer torrent of them; our senses simply become overloaded to the point where we are only aware of the enormity of what stands before us.

We can no more get to know the men behind the names than we can get to know people by reading their names in a telephone directory, and yet it is possible to breathe life into ‘these intolerably nameless names’ by uncovering and telling their stories.

Honi soit qui mal y pense

Andrews, Percy79542Italy9 August 1944
Appleby, K14939114Western Europe21 September 1947
Ashbridge, Edward410671Middle East22 November 1941
Astley, Simon95218India16 March 1946
Atack, Harold7943945Middle East16 February 1944
Barker, Douglas7951612Italy3 September 1944
Barlow, Frederick14340369Italy26 July 1944
Barratt, Reggie7910366India10 June 1942
Beardshaw, Jack546820Burma30 March 1942
Bedson, John2043419Burma17 April 1942
Bennett, Geoffrey7936500Burma25 April 1942
Bingham, Roger St J7948060Italy13 September 1944
Boughen, Albert7910580Burma29 March 1942
Bowden, Hubert555061Burma30 March 1942
Brader, Harry7914577India23 May 1942
Brown, Edward177311Persia – Iraq15 March 1943
Browne, John247461Italy7 August 1944
Byass, Frederick10850Middle East21 November 1941
Campbell, John4121806Italy5 July 1944
Campbell, Robert7927038Middle East21 November 1941
Carvell, Leslie14433358Italy13 September 1944
Casson, Robert7908364Italy25 January 1945
Chadwick, Charles404922Burma28 April 1942
Clarke, Arthur7915994Burma7 March 1942
Cleere, Edward555001Italy13 September 1944
Cook, Sidney6210998Italy18 June 1944
Cooney, Edward555042Middle East6 July 1940
Copley, Thomas6983899Italy19 November 1944
Cornwell, John5190551Italy13 September 1944
Couling, D22846352Far East12 November 1955
Cowell, David319537Burma27 April 1942
Cowley, Andrew837554Burma30 March 1942
Crone, David554896Middle East21 November 1941
Dale, Harris245368Italy3 September 1944
Dalton, Westley7911221Burma30 March 1942
Davenport, Edward556212Middle East22 January 1941
Davies, G22995150Far East13 December 1954
De Lacy, Gerard554884Middle East21 November 1941
Deans, Godfrey7912740Burma2 May 1942
Deighton, Augustus7948055Italy9 August 1944
Dodge, John7908496Middle East23 November 1941
Dunlop, James166680Italy14 September 1944
Eddis, Leonard7938176Italy9 August 1944
Fabry, William317688Middle East30 June 1940
Field, Henry3769129Middle East25 February 1941
Freyne, Roger320158Middle East21 November 1941
Germaine, D19034766Western Europe21 September 1947
Gillespie, John7910063Burma12 October 1943
Glenn, Knox156575Middle East21 November 1941
Graham, Leslie7906825Italy4 July 1944
Gratty, John410599Burma2 May 1942
Gray, George7914001Middle East21 July 1942
Gregg, Charles7948243Italy3 January 1945
Haggath, J22307210Western Europe12 January 1951
Harris, D6408236United Kingdom23 November 1957
Harris, John410453Middle East9 December 1941
Harrison, Frank319418Middle East2 August 1942
Harrison, John409184Middle East10 April 1944
Hawkins, Cyril552564Burma30 March 1942
Hill, George18403France & Belgium 39/401940
Hiller, Alec7909641Burma2 May 1942
Hipsey, Ronald319123Burma30 May 1942
Hobbs, James13096832Italy17 July 1944
Holden, Kenneth7908669Middle East21 November 1941
Hollbon, Jack7944366Italy28 January 1945
Holloway, Edgar5507991Italy27 January 1945
Howard, John319556Middle East3 February 1941
Hunter, Harold554941Middle East9 November 1941
Ingle, Douglas7931772Burma1 April 1942
Inston, Christopher409408Burma28 April 1942
Jackson, Robert409134Middle East12 December 1940
Jackson Stop, William177291Burma27 April 1942
Jones, A14481011Western Europe29 September 1946
Jones, Cyril14543181Italy9 August 1944
Jones, Robert7938410Italy5 December 1945
Joy, Philip7907677Burma28 April 1942
Kay, John7945165Italy9 August 1944
Kenton, Percy7907678Burma9 March 1942
Kevill-Davies, William52589Burma6 March 1942
Kibble, William7908166India10 June 1942
Kilner, Jack5833028Burma15 May 1942
Kilty, John554903Burma2 May 1942
Lewis, William410580Middle East30 June 1940
Lindley, R23419002United Kingdom22 January 1958
Lobban, Alexander70917Middle East9 December 1941
Lovett, William318859Middle East21 November 1941
Macleod, A19041644Far East5 February 1956
Marriott, T23504897United Kingdom13 December 1957
Marsh, Frederick7911183Burma30 March 1942
Mathews, Charles14269966Italy24 January 1945
Matthews, George7934008Middle East21 November 1941
McCowen, Joseph319567Middle East21 November 1941
McGregor, Gordon7910388Burma9 June 1942
McGuinness, Patrick3593603Italy17 July 1944
McKillop, G14048843Western Europe21 September 1947
McLelland, John2824220Italy24 May 1944
Meddows, Edward7908482Burma27 April 1942
Merriman, Ewen319274Italy13 September 1944
Meyrick, G23010068Far East21 September 1955
Moore, K22548233United Kingdom8 January 1954
Muxworthy, Leslie7883459Italy17 July 1944
Napier, John108067Middle East21 November 1941
Payne, Ralph410710Middle East27 August 1940
Pitman Butler, Peter45468Middle East17 July 1940
Plumb, Stanley7912234BurmaMarch 1942
Poole, Thomas7893714Italy7 April 1945
Povey, Frederick7909329Italy13 September 1944
Rankin, Stanley555054Middle East16 February 1941
Read, Leonard7942109Italy15 January 1945
Redwood, William7927394Burma30 March 1942
Reep, Cyril14341900United Kingdom8 November 1944
Rhodes, Cyril7925518Burma30 March 1942
Roberts, Frederick7887102India2 June 1942
Roberts, William7914656India15 August 1942
Robson, Geoffrey7913042Middle East25 November 1941
Rochie, Stanley7910602Burma29 April 1942
Rowley, William7909292Middle East21 November 1941
Rushbrooke, Clifford7911188Burma28 April 1942
Scott, John553726Gibraltar3 October 1940
Shaw, Vincent410689India17 April 1942
Shirt, Harry3526757Burma28 April 1942
Simmons, William319031Italy20 December 1943
Skeates, H14960119Western Europe21 September 1947
Skinner, Harold319622Burma27 April 1942
Slater, George320098Middle East21 November 1941
Smeed, Edwin5835175Burma30 March 1942
Smith, Albert184225Burma6 March 1942
Smith, Ellis5833115Burma4 August 1942
Smith, Harry4858719Europe28 September 1945
Smith, Thomas7954109Italy19 November 1944
Spackman, Percy319994Middle East7 June 1941
Staniforth, Leonard551833Italy17 July 1944
Steele, Joseph7928280Burma15 April 1942
Stewart, Stephen7909990Burma12 May 1942
Stowell, James554054Middle East14 November 1942
Swain, Lawrence545791Middle East14 April 1941
Thompson, Thomas554962Middle East24 January 1941
Tillyer, John7911154Italy15 April 1945
Type, John128797Italy4 July 1944
Walford, Arthur546551Middle East22 November 1941
Wallington, Donald7903975Middle East21 November 1941
Warren, Frederick7948095Italy4 July 1944
Waterson, Bertram319571Burma4 May 1942
Watson, Richard51350Middle East24 December 1941
Weaver, James410587Middle East21 November 1941
Weaving, Victor554694Middle East9 December 1941
Webb, Leslie320073Middle East14 June 1940
Whittall, P22941185Far East5 February 1956
Williams, John117594Middle East21 November 1941
Williams, R22418671Western Europe26 March 1952
Worner, William14353647Italy5 July 1944
Wright, Francis7908053Middle East21 November 1941
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