Initially the Saladin was due to be issued before the Saracen APC but the Saracen was given a higher priority so production was delayed.

This delay was used to good effect as it allowed the obsolete 2 pdr to be replaced by the newer 76 mm (3-in) gun.

The Saladin was a large, six wheeled vehicle which had an excellent cross-country performance as each wheel station had independent suspension and the vehicle could theoretically run on only 2 wheels.

Saladin was used in reconnaissance regiments (in which role it was used by both QOH and QRIH) before being replaced in most theatres by Scorpion in the 1970s.

The Saladin remained in use with the Cyprus Sovereign Base Area recce squadron for many years, finally being withdrawn in 1992.

Armament:1 x 76mm
2 x 7.62mm Machine-guns
Engine:Rolls Royce 8 cyl developing 160bhp
Max Speed:45mph
Year into service:1955

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