Stuart M3


The Stuart light tank (or ‘Honey’ as it was known to British Forces) was developed from the M2A4 and entered production in 1941.

Some of the early vehicles were in the hands of the British army in the Middle East by August of that year.

The standard armament was one 37mm gun and .30 Browning in the turret and three .30 Browning’s in the hull. But on the British version 2 of the Brownings in the sponsons were removed to give more stowage space.

Later in the war vehicle was used for recce purposes, the turret was removed to lower the silhouette and an extra machine gun was fitted on a pintle mount.

The 7th Hussars took their ‘Honeys’ to Burma but all were lost during the retreat from Burma with the exception of one vehicle: a ‘B’ squadron tank known as ‘Curse of Scotland’ was re-rolled as a command vehicle and survived to reach India.

Technical Specifications

Armament:1 x 37mm
2 x .30 Browning Machine-guns
Engine:Continental W670 developing 262bhp
Max Speed:36mph
Year into service:1941

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