Roll of Honour – 3rd Hussars

Roll of Honour – 3rd Hussars

To honour the memory of all those 3rd Hussars who have died in the service of their country since 1939.

‘These intolerably nameless names’, as Siegfried Sassoon referred to them, should never be forgotten or ignored, and yet they cascade so relentlessly that they are often difficult to grapple with; within a very short space of time we are inclined to switch off; we soon start to lose our awareness of individual names as we become overwhelmed by the sheer torrent of them; our senses simply become overloaded to the point where we are only aware of the enormity of what stands before us.

We can no more get to know the men behind the names than we can get to know people by reading their names in a telephone directory, and yet it is possible to breathe life into ‘these intolerably nameless names’ by uncovering and telling their stories.

Nec Aspera Terrent

Alton, George554863Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Alton, Richard319302Middle EastNovember 1942
Andrews, Frederick7882274Middle East11 December 1940
Appleby, Arthur553662Middle East2 November 1942
Atkinson, Harry321094Italy26 May 1944
Banks, S22923649Western Europe3 March 1955
Banks, Stanley554818Middle East20 December 1940
Barr, Sydney3455761Middle East2 November 1942
Barson, William552028Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Bellfield, Robert558606United Kingdom15 September 1939
Bennett, Ellis7931567Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Blackford, Wyndham7912050Italy1 June 1944
Brayshaw, Bernard7937238Middle East2 November 1942
Brendon, John66908Middle East10 March 1944
Bridgett, Samuel7893686Middle East24 October 1942
Brooks, Bertie738084Middle East2 November 1942
Broughton, Erdley7902086Middle East2 November 1942
Buck, Edwin392206Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Butler, Ralph554363Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Callaghan, Charles7905199Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Cannon, Francis554998Middle East25 January 1941
Carter, Sidney553865Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Chadwick, Hector140966Middle East26 October 1942
Chadwick, Thomas78136Middle East27 October 1942
Champion, Henry6202223Dutch East Indies8 July 1943
Chapman, Charles558370United Kingdom8 December 1939
Chesworth, Reginald194105Middle East2 November 1942
Christian, Arthur7915979Dutch East Indies29 November 1942
Clarke, Charles36332Middle East25 October 1942
Clarke, David861493Dutch East Indies20 June 1944
Clarke, Thomas3974063Dutch East Indies12 March 1941
Clarkson, Arnold3455476Italy20 June 1944
Close, Fred554996Middle East12 March 1941
Cooper, William4912587Middle East3 February 1943
Cosgrove, Daniel556553Dutch East Indies6 June 1945
Cotterell, Reginald7877845Dutch East Indies12 August 1943
Coulter, Frank551666Middle East2 November 1942
Coulter, James7899149India5 June 1942
Crossman, Kh14476814Western Europe14 July 1952
Davies, Sidney550911Middle East21 May 1941
Dawes, Alan40710Middle East2 November 1942
Dawson, Leonard7932261Dutch East Indies9 March 1945
De Wend Fenton, JDL18339Middle East6 April 1942
Denman, Robert7946562Italy10 June 1944
Derrick, Victor319806Dutch East Indies20 June 1944
Dickson, Robert552316Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Dixon, Joseph552310Italy26 June 1944
Dodd, John4193804Italy26 May 1944
Du Pre, Francis219958Middle East13 November 1942
Dunning, Norman7933280Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Dyson, Samuel7902090Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Edge, Arnold3528748Italy11 July 1944
Edwards, Frederick4913355Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Egan, John405622Dutch East Indies24 October 1943
Elford, Peter117576Middle East27 October 1942
Ellum, Edwin320013Middle East2 November 1942
Emery, Alfred553240Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Every, William5949784Italy26 May 1944
Farmer, Albert550681Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Faulkner, George544163Italy2 February 1945
Flanagan, Henry14527058ItalySeptember 1944
Fox, William402381Middle East2 November 1942
Frampton, Harry552764Middle East17 December 1940
Gamble, Horace7901289Middle East2 November 1942
Gibbons, E23127257Western Europe25 May 1956
Gilmour, John7901289Dutch East Indies24 August 1944
Glossop, Ernest554362Middle East2 November 1942
Gooch, Arthur550689Middle East22 December 1940
Good, George553206Middle East2 November 1942
Grant, J3116841Western Europe12 July 1955
Green, Thomas320027Middle East22 April 1941
Hadden, George545082Middle East11 December 1940
Hale, Eric7949947Italy26 May 1944
Hamlin, William180471Middle East3 February 1943
Harland, Thomas544471Middle East10 May 1941
Harrison, Victor7894655Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Hartigan, Michael73086Middle East11 December 1940
Hatch, Wg22140360Western Europe18 July 1950
Henson, Frank7896287Middle East2 November 1942
Hill, Rowland552692Middle East2 November 1942
Hitchcock, Percy319795Middle East9 May 1943
Hitchman, Frederick328155Middle East23 August 1943
Hockley, Arthur555692Middle East2 November 1942
Hook, James403587Middle East22 April 1941
Hughes, John4462043Middle East23 February 1946
Hurst, P22084843Western Europe6 May 1950
Hustwick, Thomas7877969Dutch East Indies2 August 1945
James, John7889298Italy17 June 1944
Jarvis, Frank554343Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Jarvis, George549068United Kingdom12 October 1939
Johns, John7932297Dutch East Indies7 March 1942
Jones, Hamilton5567732Dutch East Indies27 September 1944
Joyce, Thomas7943488Italy17 June 1944
Keel, George556070Middle East3 November 1942
Kendall, John190585Middle East25 October 1942
King, Harold7925299Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
King, Sidney7911552Middle East3 February 1943
Kirby, Edward5957156Italy6 November 1944
Knight, Henry7928675Middle East2 November 1942
Lawrence, Sydney7899278Middle East18 April 1943
Le Bas, Richard177336Middle East2 November 1942
Lee, William552870Middle East25 October 1942
Lonsdale, William7909449Dutch East Indies26 October 1944
Lord, John555800Middle East11 March 1941
Lovelock, George7931749Middle East2 November 1942
Luckraft, Elliott7876289Middle East25 March 1941
Maclachlan, Robert7899119Dutch East Indies27 November 1942
Marriott, Edar3385975Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Martin, Henry554672Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Maxwell, Robert7914789Italy12 June 1944
Merrett, Reginald410817Middle East25 October 1942
Moran, Mitchael329073Middle East2 November 1942
Morby, George543907United Kingdom1 November 1939
Morris, George552648Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Mortimer, Joseph402999Middle East17 March 1945
Moulton, George556344Middle EastFebruary 1943
Mulcahy, Denis542558Middle East11 December 1940
Neish, Alexander558513Middle East25 October 1942
Nicholas, James7896414Italy18 August 1944
Nicoll, William7902321Middle East2 November 1942
O’Sullivan, Fitzgerald128791Middle East11 December 1940
Outram, Frederick553264Middle East22 January 1941
Page, Ernest7932239Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Park, Munro7893734Middle East20 May 1941
Parker, Alfred556731Middle East13 December 1940
Parker, Stanley7947209ItalySeptember 1944
Parsons, John553633Middle East2 November 1942
Patterson, Colin7893235Middle East2 November 1942
Peck, Gilbert31064Middle East3 November 1942
Penlington, George7893645At SeaMay 1941
Perks, James7942834Italy22 July 1944
Perry, William5248434Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Phillips, Cyril12179Middle East20 November 1940
Pitman, John45465Middle East1 October 1943
Platt, Charles35683Middle East4 February 1943
Potter, John7893225Middle East1 April 1941
Powell, George405502Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Preece, George402661Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Pressley, George405491Italy6 July 1944
Price, Geoffrey7894673Middle East11 March 1941
Pritchard, Wilfred7890060Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Rampling, Reginald7904672Middle East25 October 1942
Ratcliffe, Charles554726Dutch East Indies4 November 1943
Rawson, Alfred4350384Middle East22 September 1943
Read, Frank7904100Dutch East Indies21 August 1941
Richardson, Basil551619Middle EastMay 1941
Riley, Howard179915Italy16 June 1944
Ritson, Howard39294Middle East11 December 1940
Roberts, Rufus7901910Dutch East Indies27 October 1943
Robson, Herbert549126Middle East25 October 1942
Rodwell, Lewis405813Middle East25 October 1942
Sainsbury, Francis7947839Middle East2 November 1942
Savage, Hugh4534857Middle East2 November 1942
Scott, Arthur7894764Middle EastNovember 1942
Scott, George553981Dutch East Indies11 November 1944
Scott, George W319652Middle East7 January 1945
Sellers, Owen7901493Italy26 June 1944
Simmons, William553172Dutch East Indies26 June 1943
Skedgwell, Henry555863Middle East21 May 1941
Smibert, G14471847Western Europe24 September 1949
Smith, Harry7880167Dutch East Indies19 April 1945
Smith, Henry7901787Dutch East Indies28 August 1944
Spong, Reginald558462Dutch East Indies23 October 1944
Sprunt, Samuel558437Middle East21 June 1941
Stanford, William553192Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Stephenson, Joseph402425Middle East25 October 1942
Stigant, Edward543906Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Stocks, Charles320009Middle East1942
Stratford, Robert5190492Middle East4 February 1943
Sutcliffe, Ronald556571Middle East11 December 1940
Swyer, Leslie864965Middle East11 December 1940
Sykes, George95216Middle East12 May 1942
Taylor, George E404540Middle EastMay 1941
Taylor, George I7926606Italy21 July 1944
Taylor, Matthew7906672Middle East11 December 1940
Taylor, Robert7923153Middle EastOctober 1942
Teece, Cecil191862Dutch East Indies10 August 1945
Thorncroft, Herbert310735Middle East2 November 1942
Turner, Ernest1433854Middle East10 April 1941
Turner, Walter3527946Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Ward, James406908South Africa7 December 1942
Warne, Geoffrey403065Middle East2 September 1941
Waters, Benjamin7901572Dutch East Indies18 December 1942
Waymark, John6968394Italy16 August 1944
Wheatley, Herbert555143Middle East22 May 1941
White, Herbert7893269Middle East20 May 1941
Wilds, Charles320077Middle East21 May 1941
Wilkinson, Albert4449979Middle East19 November 1940
Wilkinson, William7902088Dutch East Indies29 February 1944
Williams, Arnold7899863Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Williams, Charles7899310Middle East2 November 1942
Williams, Ernest405133Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Williamson, Kenneth553616Dutch East Indies29 November 1943
Winterbottom, Jack22592235Western Europe24 June 1953
Wood, John550588Middle East3 February 1943
Woodward, Oliver320290Middle East20 May 1941
Young, Jasper73624Middle East17 September 1941
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