Roll of Honour – QOH

Roll of Honour – Queen’s Own Hussars

To honour the memory of all those Queen’s Own Hussars who have died in the service of their country since 1958.

‘These intolerably nameless names’, as Siegfried Sassoon referred to them, should never be forgotten or ignored, and yet they cascade so relentlessly that they are often difficult to grapple with; within a very short space of time we are inclined to switch off; we soon start to lose our awareness of individual names as we become overwhelmed by the sheer torrent of them; our senses simply become overloaded to the point where we are only aware of the enormity of what stands before us.

We can no more get to know the men behind the names than we can get to know people by reading their names in a telephone directory, and yet it is possible to breathe life into ‘these intolerably nameless names’ by uncovering and telling their stories.

Nec Aspera Terrent

Anthony, Phillip407736United Kingdom25 February 1984
Basford, Leslie24056229Middle East18 April 1968
Broad, Michael2405354625 July 1985
Brownhill, D24771170North-West Europe27 November 1989
Butler, T23222755Western Europe6 December 1961
Byford, C490202Western Europe5 February 1974
Campbell, J24174470Western Europe10 February 1971
Carson, L24215231Western Europe18 July 1972
Clowrey, Frank24048263Western Europe15 September 1981
Early, A24394631Western Europe25 December 1981
Kidson, J24256469Western Europe27 January 1974
Lovett, Hugh476570United Kingdom15 May 1977
MacKenzie, James5103452 January 1984
Masters, G24056538United Kingdom20 July 1966
May, S24256441United Kingdom22 September 1974
McDonald, Ian2305165626 March 1988
McEwan, N23461800United Kingdom27 September 1959
McGhee, S24824476Cyprus22 May 1991
McShane, Andy24144030United Kingdom25 September 1979
Meade, Charles2404129125 July 1967
Meredith, Delme523395Germany10 June 1992
Mockford, Tim23242368United Kingdom18 October 1982
Moreton, P24394182North-West Europe27 November 1989
Nicol, F14467253United Kingdom26 July 1967
Palmer, A23875018United Kingdom8 July 1964
Richards, G23870585United Kingdom11 August 1967
Riley, P24041615United Kingdom8 April 1965
Ritson, A465605United Kingdom22 December 1961
Sankey, Leigh24903922Germany21 March 1992
Shennan, D24086287United Kingdom1 March 1967
Stokes, Nick24742230Cyprus6 October 1992
Swallow, W3449229Western Europe28 October 1960
Wilkins, J23974993Middle East30 October 1965
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