Roll of Honour – QRIH

Roll of Honour – Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars

To honour the memory of all those Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars who have died in the service of their country since 1958.

‘These intolerably nameless names’, as Siegfried Sassoon referred to them, should never be forgotten or ignored, and yet they cascade so relentlessly that they are often difficult to grapple with; within a very short space of time we are inclined to switch off; we soon start to lose our awareness of individual names as we become overwhelmed by the sheer torrent of them; our senses simply become overloaded to the point where we are only aware of the enormity of what stands before us.

We can no more get to know the men behind the names than we can get to know people by reading their names in a telephone directory, and yet it is possible to breathe life into ‘these intolerably nameless names’ by uncovering and telling their stories.

Mente et Manu

Boreland, S23670538Far East4 February 1963
Bradley, David24144199United Kingdom22 December 1989
Brown, Mark24448711United Kingdom12 November 1980
Butler, W74286United Kingdom6 June 1967
Campbell, N23658811Western Europe7 October 1960
Clancey, J23433193Western Europe25 August 1959
Downey, E24072848Western Europe23 April 1974
Evans, R24336607Western Europe8 January 1975
Greenleaves, John47652625 February 1970
Hopcraft, D23602509Western Europe2 February 1960
Hurley, D24324513Middle East17 March 1975
Hyams, D23110035Western Europe28 May 1966
James, Mark24393452United Kingdom4 April 1981
Johnson, G23538909Far East4 February 1963
Just, M24103384United Kingdom14 April 1982
Kelly, W23711069Western Europe11 September 1965
Madlin, D24013918Western Europe17 February 1976
Maginnis, Samuel22774342Far East6 September 1963
McAfee, J24329932Cyprus22 May 1981
McCabe, H24086042Northern Ireland15 August 1969
McMenemy, C24086503Western Europe29 August 1973
Mensing, D22782416Western Europe4 October 1960
Mitchinson, D24269884United Kingdom14 March 1972
Moffatt, A23354079United Kingdom3 December 1958
Mohamed, A24252573Western Europe22 September 1973
Moore, H380264Laos24 February 1968
Odell, Steven24394108Canada4 May 1979
Pryce-Hucklesby, N24233804Western Europe4 August 1976
Quincy, P22544603Western Europe1 December 1958
Reck, T24342272Western Europe12 October 1978
Rendell, P24192410Western Europe31 March 1977
Reynolds, C472310United Kingdom7 June 1969
Ritchie, R23836893United Kingdom24 October 1971
Stanley-Cary, C486745Western Europe30 May 1973
Taylor, Peter5075447 November 1979
Wallace, William24315071United Kingdom13 October 1980
Walsh, W23433206Western Europe2 February 1960
Wellstead, Michael24555670Western Europe23 February 1983
Weston-Simons, John95553Far East19 October 1974
Wiseman, L22276962Far East25 November 1962
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