Many 3rd Hussars will be grieved to hear of the death of Colonel Tylden-Wright, which took place in London on 31st December 1945.

Colonel Tylden-Wright joined the Regiment in 1902 in South Africa from the Manchester Regiment, with which he had been serving during the war, receiving the Queen’s and King’s Medals.

At the beginning of the 1914·18 war, Colonel Tylden-Wright was Adjutant to the East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry. He was later attached to the 9th Lancers and held Staff appointments at Divisional and Cavalry Corps Headquarters.

After the war, he attended the Staff College and returned to the Regiment in 1922 to command “B” Squadron at Chanak in the Dardanelles at the time of Mustapha Kemal’s advance on the Allied forces.

He held further Staff appointments until he rejoined the Regiment in Lucknow as Second-in-Command to Lt Col F.R. Burnside, D.S.O., whom he succeeded as Colonel in 1929.

In 1931 he was promoted to full Colonel on transfer as an instructor at the Senior Officers’ School, Belgaum, India. After this appointment, he retired and lived in Frinton and London.

There will be many who knew him and his affection and love for his Regiment. and his unfailing kindness and help to those in misfortune.

He was a first-class polo player who in his earlier days had been rated at 6 handicap. Polo was his game and it was his keenest desire to see the Regiment at the top of the polo world. If this was not to be it was not through any lack of interest or encouragement on his part to young players.

Our deepest sympathy is extended to Mrs Tylden-Wright and his son.

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