Ypres, 1914, 15

The Ypres salient saw brutal fighting throughout the First World War. It was created in 1914 when Allied forces fought the German advance to the Belgian coast to a standstill. In 1915, the German Army launched its only offensive on the Western Front that year against the salient.

The Honour is borne on the Guidon of the 3rd Hussars.


The First Battle of Ypres

The struggle for Flanders began in October at Ypres with the cavalry fighting as infantry holding the line at Messines under intense pressure. On one day the Regiment lost fifty per cent in casualties.

The Allies had occupied a salient position around Ypres which sat on the main routes to the Channel Ports. The Germans launched a massive offensive in October 1914 to try and break through the line.

The 3rd Hussars were first involved in the area when their Brigade captured the vital hill at Mont des Cats on 13 October.

They later were withdrawn to the Messines Ridge on 20 October where they dug in rapidly and were subjected to constant shelling until relieved on the 22nd.

The 3rd Hussars was then sent along with other regiments from their Brigade to patch up the line wherever it looked weakest, reinforcing at Wytchaete, Klein Zillebeke and Zandvoorde before hurriedly sent back to Messines.

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