Ten days after Wellington had defeated Massena at Fuentes d’Onor, Beresford, at the head of 32,000 men, of whom only 8,000 were English, repulsed a determined attack on the part of Soult at Albuera. This battle was one of the most severe ever fought by British troops.

The Honour is borne by the 4th Hussars.


The 4th Dragoons played two distinct roles in this important battle at the turning point of the Peninsular Campaign.

In the early stages, the left-wing of the 4th Dragoons were ordered to hold the bridge over the River Albuhera and with the 13th Light Dragoons, did so throughout the battle, enduring five hours of heavy fire from artillery and musketry.

The two squadrons of the right-wing later charged and dispersed two regiments of Polish Lancers and Hussars that had surrounded and cut off a brigade of allied infantry. They then advanced with infantry into the left flank of the French line, who eventually broke and fled.

The whole of the allied cavalry then gave chase to the retreating French army. The latter sent back a delaying force of ten Regiments of cavalry.

The clash took place in a spectacular fashion on the 25th of May at Usage when the 4th Dragoons and the 3rd Dragoon Guards charged and destroyed three regiments of French cavalry caught on a bridge.

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