Pursuit to Mons

The capture of the Belgian city of Mons on the last day of the war, 11th November, 1918, had great emotional significance to those connected with the conflict. Mons had been the site of the first engagement between the British and German armies on the Western Front in August 1914.

The Honour was awarded to the 4th Hussars.


On the 10th of November, the regiment, less ‘A’ Squadron, marched at 7 am via St. Amand to Bernissart, which was just over the border into Belgium.

On arrival ‘C’ Squadron received orders to rejoin the 8th Division, and ‘B’ Squadron to relieve ‘A’ Squadron. In this area every bridge and culvert had been destroyed by the Germans.

On the 11th, ‘C’ Squadron moved off at 6 am, and ‘B’ Squadron at 10 am. As all three squadrons were now detached, Headquarters moved on to Villerot and picked up ‘A’ Squadron.

A message had been previously received to say that all fighting was to cease at 11 am.

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