This, the closing action of the Peninsular War was fought after the abdication of Napoleon and was the final act of the campaign which Sir Arthur Wellesley opened at the combat of Roleia on August 17th.

The Honour was awarded the 4th Hussars.


On Easter Sunday, the 10th of April, 1814 Ponsonby’s brigade took its place in the line of battle at Toulouse.

They supported the Spanish infantry in the centre of the line and enabled them to reform after their initial assault had been repulsed, and then saved the Portuguese guns from being captured.

Things were going ill in the centre, but fortunately, two British divisions succeeded at great cost, in storming the lines on Soult’s left, and drove the enemy into the town, which was commanded by height Wellington had captured.

The next day Soult retreated eastwards and Wellington entered Toulouse, to be joyfully welcomed by the French, and to receive the news that Napoleon had abdicated.

The 4th Dragoons lost two men and five horses at Toulouse, and two officers, six men and thirty-one horses were wounded.

On the 1st of June, 1814, the regiment set off northwards on a seven-hundred-mile ride through France to Boulogne and embarked for England.

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