Khan Baghdadi

The action of Khan Baghdadi was an engagement during the Mesopotamian campaign in World War I.

The Honour is borne on the Guidon of the 7th Hussars.


The 7th Hussars first action against the Turks was at Khan Baghdadi on 25 March 1918 when the Regiment outflanked and then helped dislodge the enemy from a strong defensive position.

This mobile force was then sent on a wide flanking march around Khan Baghdadi and dug in behind the Ottoman positions. The remainder of the division then assaulted frontally in the normal fashion, and the Ottomans retreated from the town. They then ran unexpectedly into the blocking force, and their discipline quickly crumbled. The entire force of about 5000 men was taken, prisoner.

The mobile force was then dispatched further up the Euphrates in the direction the Ottomans had expected to retreat. 46 miles further upstream was the settlement of Ana. Here was the main Ottoman supply base, which was now captured along with some high-ranking German officers attached to the Ottoman Army.

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