This was the first battle fought by Wellington on French soil.

The Honour is borne on the Guidon of the 7th Hussars.


In February 1814, the 7th distinguished itself by its magnificent bearing in the Battle of Orthes when engaged in driving the French from an entrenched position by the River Pau.

When the enemy gave way beneath the British assault, the 7th dashed forward in pursuit and, by a brilliant charge, overthrew a body of the foe, taking many prisoners. A second charge, led as before by Colonel Kerrison, resulted in the surrender of 700 more French troops.

Wellington, in writing of the action, said, in his dispatch:

“The 7th Hussars distinguished themselves on this occasion and made many prisoners,” and again “The charge made by the 7th Hussars … was highly meritorious.“

The Regiment had 4 men and 5 horses killed; 3 officers, 6 men and 11 horses wounded.

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