The Battle of Inkerman was fought during the Crimean War on 5 November 1854 between the allied armies of Britain and France against the Imperial Russian Army. The battle broke the will of the Russian Army to defeat the allies in the field and was followed by the siege of Sevastopol. The role of troops fighting mostly on their own initiative due to the foggy conditions during the battle has earned the engagement the name “The Soldier’s Battle”.

The Honour is borne on the Guidon of the 8th Hussars.


The 4th (Queen’s Own) Light Dragoons and the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars were both still in the Light Brigade during this battle, however, it was temporarily under the command of Lord George Paget, Colonel of the 4th, as Lord Cardigan was out on his private yacht in the harbour.

The Brigade was ordered to advance in support of the Chasseurs d’Afrique, but Inkerman was a vicious infantry battle and the cavalry was held in reserve throughout.

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