George Holdsworth was born in September 1862 and educated at Eton and Cambridge.

Brig GL Holdsworth
Brig GL Holdsworth

He joined the army in 1884 and was a Lieutenant in the 7th Hussars a year later.

He had reached the rank of brevet Lt-Colonel during the Boer War whilst attached to and commanding the Mounted Police of the Rhodesian volunteers.

He led a successful raid against the Boers at their camp in Sequain – a Transvaal township on the Marico River. This involved a ride of 100 miles in just 13 hours.

His skills and knowledge of horses lead to appointment in charge of remounts for the cavalry.

The losses of cavalry horses were huge and considerable organizational skills were required to find, feed, train and care for replacements.

He was for a time employed in Australia in the Remount Department under the Colonial Office.

Back with the Regiment he became Second in Command in 1903, and Commanding Officer in 1907. He held this position until he retired in October 1911.

His career was far from over.

The Order of the Red Eagle was an order of chivalry of the pre-war Kingdom of Prussia.

It was awarded to both military personnel and civilians, to recognize valour in combat, excellence in military leadership and long and faithful service to the kingdom. The Serbian Order of the White Eagle was similarly for significant services rendered to the Crown, State and Nation.

In 1914 he was recalled to the Colours and served as a Brigadier–General commanding the Remount Service throughout the war. It was a critical role. No horses – no cavalry!

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