On the 20th May 1941 the squadron was in its leaguer area, approx 4 miles west of CANEA, CRETE.

At about 0830 hrs, the German parachute troops arrived. 2Lt. Farran was sent to mop up parachutists and to block the road from GALLATOS. this he did successfully.

At about 1100 hrs he saw a party of Germans escorting about 30 or 40 of our hospital patients who had been taken prisoners. He managed with his own tank to kill off the guards and recapture the prisoners. At approx. 1700 hrs the same day, 2Lt Farren and his troop were sent off to assist the 10th Inf Bde in their attack on a piece of ground SW of GALLATOS which the Germans were thought to be preparing as a landing ground.

On Wednesday, 21 May 41 2Lt Farran and his troop were again sent to the 10th Inf Bde to assist in their attack on CEMETERY HILL. He was largely instrumental in the attack being successful.

At 1400 hrs on Thursday 22 May 2Lt Farran’s troop led a night attack of the 5th Ind Bde. He was unable to get off the road but nevertheless was a great help to the Infantry until his leading tank was knocked out and the guns on his own and remaining tank had jammed.

On Sunday 25 May at about 1900 hrs when the Germans broke through the line at GALLATOS 2Lt Farren’s troop was sent to the village to co-operate with the infantry. He went into the village, came out, reported on the situation and then went back in with the counter-attack which retook the village.

During this last action this officer was unfortunately wounded.

Throughout the whole of the operations this officer has shown courage, resource and initiative. He has set a very fine example of determination and leadership to the men under his command.

Lt Col Kippenberger
4th NZ Inf Bde

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