During the period 10th May to 11th June 41, Lieutenant Chadwick carried out many difficult patrols in an exemplary manner.

His observation and reporting was excellent throughout and much of the information gained was of the highest importance.

On May 14th during an attack on HALFAYA PASS and SOLLUM Lieutenant Chadwick was ordered to lead a party of light tanks along the seashore in order to circumnavigate some enemy anti-tank gun positions at the bottom of HALFAYA PASS. This manoeuvre was so successful that one gun was silenced and it lead to the ultimate surrender of the whole position.

On May 15th Lieutenant Chadwick was ordered to do a patrol on the top of SOLLUM PASS (the force having withdrawn from the top that morning). Although attacked by AFVs and infantry he managed to extricate his troop and send back much valuable information.

PWM Lancaster

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