Major JLE Ogier has commanded ‘B’ Squadron 4th Hussars during the period 1 Jan 45 and 31 Mar 45, and prior to that for a period of ten months. From 1 Sep 44 he has commanded the squadron in battle under active service conditions.

He has by his personality, leadership and bravery in action been largely responsible for the good performance of his squadron in action and for the very high morale of all ranks.

An instance worth of note, and typical of this officer whenever his squadron has been in action, is that of 17 Jan 45 in the area of CASA RASPONT. An Inf Coy was attacked in strength at 0530 hrs and at 0600 hrs the Coy reported that the house was surrounded, and the enemy digging in behind the house.

Major Ogier immediately took up a reserve Tp himself and after counter attacking the enemy round the house, proceeded on foot to the CASA RASPONT to contact the Coy Cmdr and recce the area. He carried out this recce in thick wooded country knowing full well it was still occupied by the enemy. While he was doing this a second enemy attack was launched over the flood bank of the R.SENIO.

Major Ogier was able to get back to his tanks in time to move up for a second counter-attack. By the valuable knowledge gained during his recce on foot, he was able to bring his tanks right up and by skillful use of cover from the buildings and shrubs engaged the enemy at very close range inflicting many casualties and driving back the enemy who had been ordered to seize CASA RASPONI at all costs.

Major Ogier has at all times shown great gallantry in the face of the enemy and a complete devotion to duty.

A.M. Barne
Cmdg 4H

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