Showed outstanding coolness, initiative and courage throughout tank engagements on 21.11.41, 23.11.41, and 24.11.41.

In particular on 21.11.41 when his tank had been hit six times and the driver had fainted SSM Marshall got out under heavy fire, entered the driver’s compartment, and drove the tank for the remainder of the day.

On 24.11.41 when attacked in leager at night SSM Marshall’s tank was hit at point blank range by gunfire. The tank disintegrated and SSM Marshall who was mounting the tank at the time was hurled back semi-unconscious. He was taken prisoner and carried away on the back of a German tank.

On recovery, SSM Marshall knocked out the German soldier guarding him, jumped off the tank and after walking all night joined his unit next morning.

The unfailing courage, initiative and cheerfulness in times of stress of the Warrant Officer have been invaluable in maintaining morale of all troops associated with him.

FRC Fosdick
7th Hussars

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