At approximately 1300 hrs on 31st December 1948, No 4 Troop ‘A’ Squadron Q.O. Hussars was on patrol on the JALONG Road. The patrol consisted of 2 GMC (APCs) and one 15cwt truck. Tpr Smith was traveling in the rear GMC.

Intense fire was opened from both sides of the road and the 15cwt truck was knocked out. Tpr Smith was ordered to dismount and at once engaged the enemy with his rifle. During this period he was wounded in two places.

However he saw an opportunity of working round the enemy flank which he proceeded to do. He engaged them once more and was again wounded. However he decided to go on and found himself some 400 yards up the road, when he spotted 20 enemy reinforcements moving up along a track.

He waited till the last man passed him who was somewhat isolated and shot him dead. This bandit was found dead the next day at the position Tpr Smith stated he had killed him. Immediately Tpr Smith engaged the enemy opened fire with a Bren gun and he was wounded for the forth time in the knee.

By this time there were bandits all around him, so he hid until dark and then crawled on to the road, and at dawn reached an Indians hut. This man went to SUNGEI SIPUT to report Tpr Smith’s presence in the hut.

Tpr Smith showed outstanding gallantry and initiative in relentlessly pursuing the enemy in spite of his wounds. His conduct was an example to all.

GJ Kidston-Montgomerie
Lt Col
Commanding 4th Queen’s Own Hussars

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