During the period under review, Sgt Wallace has proved himself to be a fearless leader of men, aggressive in the extreme and with a complete disregard for his personal safety. He distinguished himself, particularly in the attack on the HOOK at the end of May, when in command of the searchlight tank in the area of Pt 121.

For several days and nights prior to the attack he rendered invaluable aid to the infantry with his light and fire and was subjected to a personal bombardment by the enemy in an endeavour to knock him out, during which his tank was hit on several occasions.

On the night of the main attack, he was first into action with the light and fire on the RONSON feature and succeeded in forcing the enemy off of the southern slopes, until receiving three direct hits which destroyed his light and machine gun.

Later he fitted a spare machine gun which entailed considerable movement and exposure on his part outside the tank under shelling and mortaring.

He was the first to detect and engage the enemy probe on the Pioneer platoon and coolly directed his own fire, plus that of another tank, onto the enemy who was then in the wire and subjecting him to ‘burp’ gun fire.

Later he detected movement in the BETTY GABLE – SEATTLE area and by intelligent use of his own fire and wireless sets, was able to direct the fire of other tanks and his infantry platoon onto the target area, successfully keeping the enemy pinned until the more normal forms of defensive fire could be brought down.

During this action, his loader was seriously affected by fumes and became a passenger, so determined was this NCO to keep his tank in action that he took over these duties in addition to his own.

By his determination, he kept his tank in continuous action for a period of over eight hours and displayed outstanding devotion to duty.

H Wells
Maj Gen
GOC 1 Comwel Div

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