During the period 27 May to 29 June, Tpr (now LCpl) Scrugham was a tank driver.

On 27 May at GIOF EL BAAR when his Sqn was attacked by greatly superior numbers of enemy tanks, he showed exemplary coolness.

Although hit many times and half the sprocket wheel had been shot away before his tank was finally knocked out, he drove it with great skill towards the enemy to get into a better fire position.

On 27 June, during the break out from the GARAWLA area by night, he found himself surrounded by enemy troops with one other tank with him.

As it appeared certain that both vehicles would fall into enemy hands, certain members of the crews wished to destroy and abandon them. By adopting authority and displaying coolness and powers of leadership, he was instrumental in getting away both tanks, leading them through the enemy lines under heavy and close-range fire.

Throughout the period, Scrugham showed consistent devotion to duty, setting an example to all around him.

C Goulburn
Lt Col
Commanding 8th K.R.I. Hussars

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