Sgt Bowden has been a troop leader for the last year and has set a very high standard in barracks and on operations.

On two occasions he has himself killed bandits. Once, leading his troop in the jungle he approached a party of bandits so skillfully that he was able to throw a grenade, killing two.

Latterly he was in command of a small ambush party on a road during a very dark wet night. He allowed a party of bandits to approach to within four yards of him. When he was certain that they were bandits he opened fire with a silent Sten, killing one bandit and seriously wounding another.

He deliberately chose to fire on automatic, thereby risking the silent Sten exploding in his hands, rather than single shot. documents recovered from the dead bandit enabled the police to arrest forty two bandit supporters in the area.

Inspired by his coolness,courage and example under fire, the men under his command have always carried out operations with dexterity and skill.

HVE Greenwood
Officer Commanding ‘B’ Squadron, 4th Queen’s Own Hussars

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