This NCO took charge of the Troop when his troop Leader became a casualty.

He showed great initiative in the handling of his Troop and coolness in the face of the enemy, especially on November 21st at Sidi Rezegh when having lost touch with the regiment he collected the Troop and rendezvoused in the Wadi south of the aerodrome.

When he saw that some A/Tk guns were in danger of being overrun by the enemy tanks, he at once took up a position and engaged them and succeeded in keeping them off the A/Tk guns for over 6 hours.

He remained there in spite of the advice of the Regiment to rejoin; and had it not been for his coolness and sense of duty it is highly probable that the A/Tk guns would have been overrun as they were low on ammunition.

For the remainder of the battle this NCO continued to show these admirable qualities.

FRC Fosdick
Lt Colonel
7th Hussars

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