Captured at KNIGHTSBRIDGE (Battle of Gazala, Western Desert) on 12 Jun 42. Finally sent to Campo 70 (MONTURANO).

While in a transit camp in AFRICA, Thomas escaped alone by cutting through the wire at night. He took a motor truck, but ran out of petrol after going over 100 miles on the first night, and went on, on foot.

He was recaptured by the Germans after being at large for a week, and having travelled about 200 miles.

After the Armistice P/W in Campo 70 were not liberated but Thomas and four other P/W escaped on 16 Sep 43 when the sentries were sheltering in their boxes from the rain.

On their way south, they met an Italian patriot band and took part with them in an action against the Germans. The Italians made off without telling them, and, as their ammunition was exhausted, Thomas made off into the hills.

He finally met allied troops on 6 Oct 43 and was able to give information regarding German gun posts they had passed on the way.

Military Secretary

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