During the whole of the operations in CRETE, this Warrant Officer showed courage, resource and initiative and set a very fine example of dash and determination to the men under his command.

On Thursday, May 20th 1941 when the parachutists landed he personally accounted for five Germans before they landed. Later the same day he managed to pick off some of the guards around our prisoners.

On Monday, 26 May 1941 he took part in a counter-attack at about 1700 hrs and accounted for one German M/cyclist, the only one seen.

On Thursday, 29th May 1941 this W.O. was sent off in his tank to help a covering party of the 18th Bn. hold the pass just north of IMVROS. This he did until 2030 hrs although subject to very heavy mortar and machine-gun fire. When he finally withdrew he brought a wounded man back with him.

On Friday, May 30th 1941 he was part of the rearguard from IMVROS to SPHAKION.

By using his initiative he repeatedly held up the enemy on the road inflicting considerable casualties on them.

4th NZ Inf Bde

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