On 29th June, 1940, at FORT CAPUZZO, the 7th Hussars were engaged in night action, TSM Swain was acting SSM of ‘B’ Squadron.

TSM Swain showed great courage in going in among the enemy’s position and collecting tanks by use of verey lights, thus drawing fire on himself. It was due to his action that ‘B’ Squadron was rallied out of an impossible position. TSM Swain accounted for several of the enemy and it is known that he put two lorries out of action.

On 16th July, 1940, TSM Swain again showed great courage and initiative. In this action his squadron leader, Captain Pitman Butler, was mortally wounded and it was partly due to TSM Swain’s coolness and organising ability that the squadron was withdrawn from under heavy fire without the loss of a tank.

FW Byass, MC
7th Hussars

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