Capt Pringle was captured at SIDI REZEGH on 23 November 1941 and was subsequently imprisoned in BRINDISI.

He first attempted to escape immediately after capture, but was unsuccessful.

In May 1942, Capt Pringle and a fellow officer escaped from Campo 35 dressed as Italian workmen. They were suspected of black marketing, and were consequently searched and recaptured.

During June of the same year, Capt Pringle again escaped with the help of one of the guards. He made for the hills with the intention of reaching BENEVENTO, but was caught on the way.

Capt Pringle attempted a fourth esoape in May 1943, from GAVI with several other Ps/W. He went south into the Ligurian mountains and stayed there for four days with practioa11y no food. He was finally recaptured’ after 10 days’ freedom, as he tried to cross the frontier.

In September 1944, en route for GERMANY, Capt Pringle and a oompanion succeeded in leaving the train at INNSBRUCK, and followed the river in the direction of Switzerland. They were caught near LANDACH after a week, while they were trying to obtain food

Capt Pringle made a sixth attempt to escape in October 1944, with another officer from MARKT PONGAU, by swimming down river towards SALZBURG.

They then changed their route and traveled along a mountain ridge making for YUGOSLAVIA. While being sheltered in a local house, they were arrested by three LANDWACHT.

Whilst at OFLAG VIII F from January until May 1944, he was a member of the Escape Committee and also communicated on four occasions with the War Office by secret means.

Capt Pringle has been commended by the Senior British Officer and six of his colleagues for his work in connection with escape activities.

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