In April 1944 this officer was appointed second in command of a mission to organise resistance in the CHALONS-REIMS area. Previously he had completed over 25 trips across the channel infiltrating and exfiltrating clandestine passengers to and from France.

For this work, he was twice awarded the Military Cross.

Owing to an old leg injury be was not parachuted into France, but was infiltrated through Spain. This was a very hazardous undertaking in view of the great distance to be covered to join the rest of the mission who had been parachuted into the north of France.

When Harratt had crossed the Pyrenees he frequently drove into enemy-held areas and on one occasion with 10 members of the F.F.I. he attacked several German staff cars and fought an action lasting some hours, after which the only surviving German surrended.

On arrival in the CHALONS areas Harratt had to swim the Marne and after obtaining information from German troops repairing a bridge at BISSEUM he was able to give valuable information on enemy dispositions to American outposts.

After joining his mission, Harratt organised and controlled units of the F.F.I. and led a number of patrol actions in the course of which he displayed great coolness and courage, setting a fine example to the officers and men under his command.

This officer, who did not allow his incomplete knowledge of French or his physical disability to deter him throughout his long and hazardous journey showed then and later in action, a high degree of resolution, leadership and personal bravery.

Chief Administrative Officer

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