At 0615 hrs on Nov 2 1942, 3rd The K.O. Hussars Regtl Group having followed up the infantry attack, were ordered to advance one mile and three-quarters beyond the infantry F.D.Ls, form a defensive position, and hold it at all costs until the arrival of 1st Armd Div.

Captain M.Eveleigh who had taken over command of ‘B’ Squadron the previous day, was ordered to follow closely behind the one remaining cruiser troop and be ready to support them instantly.

On arrival astride the SIDI RAHMAN track his Squadron was very hotly engaged by A/T guns at very short range. He immediately ordered his Squadron to attack and personally put one enemy A/T gun out of action before his own tank was hit and went on fire.

He and two others of his crew succeeded in getting out, the other two however being killed almost immediately by small arms fire. Capt Eveleigh, under very heavy fire, at once made his way on foot to my tank and reported to me what was happening.

Thereafter, for the remainder of the action he was invaluable to me helping direct the rest of the action of the rest of the regiment, all orders having to be given on foot to individual tanks owing to the fact that the rear link tanks of both squadrons had been knocked out.

Throughout the entire action he remained calm and cool and gave no thought to his own safety.

Sir PW Farquhar, Bt
Lt Col
Comd 3rd Hussars

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