From 17th March to 22nd April 1941 Captain Pringle and his squadron of Armoured Cars have been under my command in operations around NEGHELLI and WADARRA.

His persistence, thrust and devotion to duty have contributed largely in driving the enemy quickly out of positions. He has always cheerfully and willingly taken on any job given to him.

On many occasions he has shown a complete disregard for his own personal safety when his own Armoured Car had led the advance over roads which had been heavily mined.

On the 22nd April when the Btn encountered strong opposition at WADARRA he got his armoured cars forward, but in trying to make a diversion around a blown bridge one armoured car became stuck in the mud in the ravine.

Together with 2Lt Clifford and LCpl Fremlin he worked for one and a half hours under heavy L.M.G., rifle and artillery fire and eventually succeeded in extricating the car.

Throughout the whole time that this officer has worked under my command I have been impressed by his ability and courage and the good work done by his squadron must be due to his inspired leadership and excellent example.

3rd Bn The Gold Coast Regiment R.W.A.F.F.

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