On 23rd June 1949 Tpr Alden was one of the crew of four soldiers and four Malayan Police Constables in the second GMC APC of a two vehicle patrol. At about 1345 hours at the 122 1/2 mile stone on the KUANTAN-JERANTUT road the patrol was ambushed.

The driver of Tpr Alden’s vehicle was shot in the head and his vehicle stalled in the ambush. Two P.Cs. jumped out. The commander opened his door and was promptly seriously wounded, falling back into the vehicle.

The half-armoured GMC was therefore in the middle of an ambush and under very heavy small arms and shot fire directed from very close range and from positions above the level of the armour of the vehicle. The commander and driver were very badly wounded; the operator was wounded in the back and abdomen but temporarily able to fire.

Tpr Alden was wounded but took control. He fired 30 rounds from his own rifle and then picking up the unconscious driver’s sten gun he shouted to the bandits to come and fight it out. The bandits shouted back for him to surrender and one jumped up and ran towards the vehicle. Tpr Alden shot and killed him.

The native P.C.s were getting restless and Tpr Alden ordered them to keep down and continue to fire from where they were. He then threw 2 grenades at a Bren gunner twenty yards away. This caused some confusion among the bandits which gave Tpr Alden the opportunity to move the unconscious driver from his seat and for himself to start up the GMC and drive it to safety. The action lasted for fifteen minutes.

Throughout the action Tpr Alden displayed a high standard of gallantry and a firm determination to destroy the enemy. By his conduct and initiative he undoubtedly saved the vehicle from destruction and its crew and weapons from falling into hand of the enemy.

RSG Smith
Commanding 4th Queen’s Own Hussars

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