On 9 Apr 1945, Sgt Pass, Tp Sgt of 4 Tp ‘C’ Sqn, was leading the adv towards LEESTE.

The area contained a number of very determined tps of 18 SS Div Trg Bn. Sgt Pass’ tank was engaged and he was wounded in the hand by an MG bullet.

Without hesitation, Sgt Pass directed his tank to close with the enemy post with included men armed with Panzer Fausts. He jumped from his turret and disarmed the enemy in the posts.

This tp continued in the lead and an hour or so later Sgt Pass dismounted under heavy small arms fire to render fire aid to a wounded infantryman and to carry him to safety. Not until the end of the day did he have his own wounds attended to.

This NCO’s offensive spirit and courage set a magnificent example for all present.

GRD Fitzpatrick
Comd 8H

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