It was indeed tragic to learn in March so soon after the loss of Matthew Barrow, that Tony Cherry had died while in South Africa.

Kestrel Simson has recently written of the very warm and happy times he and Tony shared both in the Regiment and more recently in Hong Kong:

‘He enjoyed life to the full and it was never dull when he was around. He had an infectious sense of humour and adventure and could never sit still for long.

Professionally Tony rates as one of the best troop leaders. He was tactically very sound and he quickly won the admiration and respect of his men. He was always enthusiastic and abounded with tireless energy. It was so sad that he died away from his many friends who were powerless to support him when he needed them most.

Tony joined The Queen’s Own Hussars from Mons OCS in 1972 and served in ‘B’ Squadron both in Hohne and Northern Ireland. He was later to be found in Squadron and in the winter of 1973/4 started a love affair with the Cresta Run that later resulted in a place in the Army team.

He volunteered for and was given a place in the RAC Parachute Squadron which he served until its disbandment. He then returned fairly briefly but successfully to Regimental duty as RSO and then as an assistant operations officer in Northern Ireland until completing his regular Army service at the RAC Junior Leaders’ Regiment.

In civilian life, he had a variety of jobs in Africa and Hong Kong. There he stayed for four years, working mainly in the financial sector, Tony was married and divorced twice, and to his former wives and four children, we extend our deepest sympathy.

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