Andrew Fuller was born in 1927, educated at Winchester, and joined up in April 1945.

In May 1947 he was granted a Short Service Commission and joined the 3rd Hussars in Palestine. He was granted a Regular Commission the following year. In 1951 he was with the 65th Training Regiment, RAC, as Technical Adjutant.

One day he spotted a trainload of tank hulks in the siding at Catterick Centre Station on their way to the RAC Ranges at Warcop for use as hard targets. He spotted a turretless Sherman and managed to persuade the railway staff to remove it. He then got it in working order and used it as a spare ARV.

When the 65th was replaced by a regular regiment, the latter declined to accept Andrew’s unofficial ARV and so a very large hole was dug on the Moors and the Sherman was placed in it. No doubt it remains there to this day.

He then returned to the 3H in Germany and in 1955 attended the TTO’s Course. At the conclusion of the course, he spent two years on experimental work with the FVRDE.

In 1958 he was posed to the Intelligence Corps Centre for duty with the JIB route Recce Team involved in reconnaissance and survey work in British Somaliland.

He retired in 1960 and whilst employed by the FCO in Aden as a Field Officer, he met up with ‘C’ Squadron, QOH. The story goes that as usual, he was driving a vehicle loaded with spare parts for various vehicles. At the time of his death at the end of 2006, he was running his own farm machinery marketing ad repair company in Zimbabwe.

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