Paddy died on 11 October 1994.

Capt CT Crooks
Capt CT Crooks

He was posted to the 3rd King’s Own Hussars in May 1943, joining them in June 1943 while they were stationed at Ar Rama, northeast of Haifa. He had previously served with the North Irish Horse and the Royal Artillery.

In March 1944 he moved with the Regiment from Tripoli in Lebanon to near Alexandria, Egypt.

On 30 April 1944, he sailed with the Regiment to Italy and took part in most of the battles in that theatre.

On 7 January 1945, the Regiment and Paddy sailed from Taranto to Port Said and on to Lebanon.

Paddy returned to the UK in May 1946, finally leaving the services in September 1948. In 1953 he took a TA commission with a Field Ambulance and remained with them until April 1967.

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