Eric died on 27 December 1994.

Capt EC Chandler, MBE
Capt EC Chandler, MBE

He joined the 3rd King’s Own Hussars from the RTR in March 1942 and was appointed technical adjutant.

He received the MBE for his dedication and resourcefulness on operations in the Western Desert, Libya and Cyrenaica. He was at El Alamein in October/November 1942, in which the Regiment had 47 out of the 51 tanks taken into action, were knocked out. He remained with them in Syria, Palestine, and Lebanon.

He sailed with the Regiment to Italy at the end of April 1944 and left them for the UK on 12 October 1944, arriving on 24 October 1944.

He was posted to the RAC Depot and attached to the Household Cavalry from 16 December 1944. He left the Army in May 1946.

Eric was never assertive or obtrusive but his quiet manner concealed a determination to achieve the highest standards. Always ready to help, calm and cheerful, he is remembered with affection and regard by all who served with him.

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