Michael Nonweiler joined the 4th Hussars in December 1951, from Sandhurst, while the Regiment was stationed at Tidworth, and served as Troop Leader there and in Hohne.

In May 1954 he attended the long course at the School of Tank Technology and after a further spell at Regimental Duty, in August 1957, took up an appointment at the Fighting Vehicle Research and Development Establishment.

He resigned his commission in February 1959, serving the last two months with the RAOC Training Battalion at Bicester.

He will be remembered as a young, handsome officer with blond hair, who took his profession more seriously than some of his contemporaries. He had an interest in technical matters which was considered to be unusual at that time.

He fully entered into the spirit of regimental soldiering and was an effective officer.

Sadly he did not keep in touch after leaving the Army and the news of his death on 1 March 1993 came as a great sadness to all his friends.

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