Richard Graeme Daglish joined the 4th Hussars from Sandhurst in 1955 and was posted to ‘A’ Squadron in Hohne, commanded by Major Peter Young (‘The Badger’).

Capt R Daglish
Capt R Daglish

He was unusual as a newly arrived subaltern at that time in that he was accompanied by a horse (‘Grilse’) and a dog (‘Salome’).

He later acquired ‘The Bishop’, a large chestnut Hannovarian, forming a partnership which competed successfully in BAOR hunter trials and horse shows, including helping the Regimental Show Jumping Team win the Hamburg Cup Competition.

These successes attracted the attention of the authorities and, in 1957, he was appointed Secretary of the BAOR Show Jumping Committee, which necessitated frequent visits to Brigade Headquarters in Soltau, where he shared an office with Captain (later Major General) David Alexander-Sinclair, of the Rifle Brigade, who subsequently became his brother-in-law.

In 1959, now an Irish Hussar, he was posted to the Sultan of Muscat’s Armed Forces in Sharjah, where he contracted jaundice so severely that he was invalided out of the Army, so bringing his military career to an untimely premature end.

After leaving the Army, he turned his hand to advertising in London with great success before settling in Cornwall, where he divided his time between farming, legendary hospitality, and enthusiastic, if somewhat hazardous, sailing.

He was twice married; firstly to Sarah (deceased), with whom he had Daniel and Simon; and secondly to Rebecca, with whom he had Henry, Oliver and Arabella. To them, to Ann, his sister, and his 12 grandchildren we extend our sincere sympathies on their loss.

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