Tom Farmiloe died on 23 March 2004, aged 90.

Capt T Farmiloe
Capt T Farmiloe

Tom joined the 4th Hussars in 1936 as a supplementary reserve officer.

He served with the Regiment throughout the war in both the North African and Italian campaigns and was greatly liked and admired by those who served with him.

He was in many ways born to be a cavalryman. Not only was he a very keen, competent and lifelong horseman, hunting and point-to-pointing in his youth and an enthusiastic follower of the South Berks after the war, but also he possessed those special qualities of good nature, leadership, indifference to danger and discomfort, infectious optimism and an innate cheerfulness, which did much to encourage and sustain all those who were with him.

In action, his courageous and carefree attitude was of great value and for those of us in the Regiment who served with him, he was a model of cool efficiency and unshakeable morale.

His son, David, has written as follows…

‘My father was one of nine children of Harold Farmiloe of Purley Park, Reading. Tom was educated at Bradfield College from 1928 to 1932 and then read agriculture at Reading University. He married Pamela Curzon in 1939 and they had a son and a daughter, living at Mill Cottage, Goring.

‘From 1939 Tom trained with the 4th Hussars and then sailed to Egypt to join the 8th Army. His great friend was John Ogier.

‘After the war, Tom farmed 116 acres at Meales Farm, Sulhamstead in Berkshire, then in 1959 moved to Hampshire where he continued to farm. Later on, they went to Hope House, Bishops Waltham, and here Tom was able to indulge his love of sailing, a sport he excelled at and taught.’

For those few of us left who knew and served with Tom, he will be most affectionately remembered.

Whenever we were with him either on the field of battle or under more agreeable conditions, he seemed to have a cheerful word and smile.

He was a fine soldier, a competent sportsman, a loyal friend and a great 4th Hussar. He will be sadly missed by all those fortunate enough
to have known him.

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